Our racing drone 3D part designs, and resulting STL models, were developed to bring solutions to problems we were having in our own builds. Our focus is on 5-inch frames (typically averaging 220mm prop diaganol On-Center) that accommodate 5″ props, but you’ll see designs used on other frames as well like the Micro (which is typically 65mm prop diaganol).

The more complicated designs like the camera, VTX and RX mounts are well thought out, custom fitted to a specific drone frame and provide value where little to none exists. The simpler designs like the standoffs, shelves and ESC covers are just required, provide value and add color to a rather bland looking drone.  TPU material is used exclusively for our designs in varying Shore Hardness; depending on the part.

Our solutions will grow over time as designs are vetted.  It also takes time to photograph and write descriptions so we’ll get to it as we can in our spare time.

The charge is $3.95 per STL file.  We will email you the STL(s), after receiving PayPal payment.

You can use that STL for your personal use.  It is appreciated that you honor our request and not post our STL files for others to obtain.  We’ll eventually figure that out and take action.

Our primary focus is on design services and offering the resulting STLs. If you need a modification to a design, we will take that under consideration on a case by case basis. Generally speaking, we charge $100/hour to modify a design to the fit a racing drone frame, but there are exceptions. The best way for us to answer how much, if anything, it will cost for a mod, is to ask. We own all designs before and after any modification.

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer with the correct TPU material, we’ve established a relationship with a reputable 3D print shop in Sheboygan, Wisconsin who does. Choose the designs you want printed and we’ll forward them the STLs. When using the shop in Sheboygan, the print price and shipping fee will go through them.

As an extension of our design services, we will customize our parts to fit your drone in our shop at $100/drone. That price includes a camera mount, standoffs, stack and universal shelves, battery holder, VTX/RX mounts and ESC covers.  You pay for shipping your drone to and from our shop.  We should have your drone back to you in 10-14 days.

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