5th – 7th Graders; first 10 that sign up during Y-night


Nano Drone 101 (Learn the basics of racing drones using the Blade Inductrix 65mm Nano Drone)


Friday, April 20th from 8-9pm.  (Each middle-schooler gets about 10 minutes of  1-1 personal instruction)


Westside YMCA located at the intersection of Cardinal Lane and Riverview in Howard, WI


Because we love drones and these little guys are a great learning tools.

Mike Schommer (Schome) and Mike Renish (Ren) love to fly racing drones and are both geek engineers. They want to share the racing drone experience with young folks and the Nano Drone is the perfect place to start.

Flying these little 65mm guys inside during inclement weather are an incredible challenge as everything is on a smaller scale. It helps keep our piloting skills sharp.

We also race 5″ drones (210 – 230mm frames) outside every chance we get.

We will have two stations that will allow up to 5 kids, we have an hour, 10 minutes each (it turns out that is how long a battery will last).

It’s a first come first serve on Y-night so show up early and sign up for the class.  The first 10 that sign up are good to go.

See you then !!!