Minutes from February 16th, 2018

Hi guys,

Thanks for attending the meeting on Friday, for you input, and for your enthusiasm in helping us form a drone racing league in Green Bay!

These are the notes from Friday’s meeting. If I’ve missed anything, please add a response to this email. We discussed a lot and sometimes there were two conversations going on at the same time. I tried to gather what I could from all conversations and add them to the notes.

Would you guys like to meet in about two weeks again? Maybe we can have a short status meeting and then do some flying?

Notes from the meeting follow…

GBDRL Meeting Notes (Friday, February 16 2018)
In Attendance: BJ, Justin, Wren, Schome and Tyler


  • Discussed how we will focus on having events that work for us and not necessarily sanctioned under MultiGP events
  • We can use the template that MultiGP has outlined for events
  • We can be our own racing league, not tied to MultiGP
  • People had a lot of fun last year despite not running MultiGP races
  • The goal is to race, so it doesn’t matter whether we hold a MultiGP race or our own style of race, people just want to race
  • Short term goal is to be good at hosting race events
  • Long term goal is to maybe host MultiGP events or perhaps races against other area racing leagues (Sheboygan, Fox Valley, etc)


  • We discussed roles and assigned roles, but also discussed how each person in the committee would likely fill each role depending on the attendance and availability of any given event. In order to have some direction, the following are the roles that were agreed upon.
  • Mike – chair of committee/organizer/treasurer
  • BJ/Jason – media
  • Justin/Tyler – safety
  • Wren said he would be a gap filler
  • Pre mentioned that he would be willing to be in charge of group purchases

Discussed the role of treasurer:

  • Has to be completely transparent (income/expenses) to all
  • Whatever amount is above and beyond all of the expenses for any given year gets rolled into the budget for the following year
  • Discussed storage of equipment using Mike S trailer
  • Mike has no issue with others taking the trailer if they are going to serve as ground crew. Everyone liked the idea of the trailer being able to be stored indoors since there is so much money in equipment inside of the trailer
  • If trailer cannot be stored inside of a garage for the week, ground crew can come to pick up the trailer the morning of the event
  • Mike needs to check on insurance for trailer and what happens if someone else using the trailer is gets into an accident with it
  • Mike will make best efforts to arrive with ground crew at all events
  • If any of us who contribute to this startup would like to use any equipment for testing or becoming more familiar, or for practice on their own, that is fine, but the equipment MUST be available for events first and foremost.


  • We discussed a lot about the events. The discussions were mostly focused around the roles we felt would be challenging
  • Need at least two field crew for setup and take down
  • Need one, but preferably two, safety crew for determining whether someone can participate with their drone or not
  • Informing people of the rules of the event
  • Conflict resolution
  • We are going into this with open minds, but the current agreement is that PitMode VTXs are recommended. 25mW VTX are a must. If PitMode is not available for a Pilot, a secondary option is a dummy load. Most importantly, absolutely no power-ups while a race in in progress
  • Discussed having allocated time for people to come with questions (a Q&A session), drone fix time, aerial photography drone air time, race time, open-fly time
  • Pilot waivers were discussed – we can use the MultiGP template for this.  MultiGP has a template for a safety checklist that we can use MultiGP has signs that we can get printed
  • We discussed registration
  • Pre-registration is cheaper than walk-in
  • We will assign someone to be the gatekeeper for creating the race time slots (heats). This is dependent on how a timing system works and how many pilots we can safely keep in the air
  • We discussed AMA membership for the league, as well as for individual pilots
  • Agreed that each pilot should be a member of the AMA, but also agreed that this was still up for debate because AMA membership is required for MultiGP events and if we don’t run a MultiGP event we don’t need to follow the requirement of having an AMA membership.
  • A logo is in the works

2018 Budget Items:
These are items that were brought up and approved as being things we need in order to get started. The committee agreed to chip in out-of-pocket funds for initial costs. Tyler suggested that those of us who are contributing up front not have to pay a race fee until the race fee amount equals the amount that has been paid up front.

  • Approved for getting started 8-way timing system using RF frequencies ($600)
  • Can be purchased by LiveTime here in GB
  • Discussed as future/on-going expenses Gates/Flags
  • Mike is going to donate his gates and flags for GBDRL use
  • Safety net to protect from rogue drones
  • Timing Software fees for liveT ime FPV is the free version is not going to work for us
  • Printing of signs
  • Battery powered generator for battery charging and timing system operation

Group Purchases:
Discussed group purchases (not for resale)

  • We will attempt to see savings from bulk group purchases on various things that the group members might need (batteries, VTXs, antennas, etc)
  • We will not be selling the items from a store
  • If members want in on group purchases, they need to pay via PayPal prior to the group purchase being made (it’s only fair to the person in charge of group purchases)

Other thoughts and Ideas:

  • Shirts
  • We might want to consider a shirt with a logo on it that is a brighter color so at events, people can identify those who are running the event
  • Might be a good fund-raising item to sell Hats
  • If hats are your thing
  • Might be a good fund-raising item to sell Battery Straps
  • It would be nice to have and we might be able to sell these as fund-raising items at events too.  Mike is checking on how we can legally collect fees/dues/donations
  • More to come on this topic

Thanks, Mike