Completed Alien left bow view

Alien 5-inch (220mm) racing drone

Green Bay Drone Racing League (GBDRL)’s website is about providing resources to drone pilots.

We have a vision for this website in that it’s one place racing pilots can go to find resources that facilitate their builds and learning.

This whole idea came about as we’ve built our own racing drones.  We found problems (lots of them) and needed solutions.  Many times, the information was out there and it was just a matter of finding where it was located.  Other times, we had to create our own solutions.  We still find holes, or confusing language, in the information that is out there and we aim to break it down and fix those weak links.

We will leverage the great information provided by the czars Joshua Bardwell and Oscar Liang.  These dudes rock and we cannot thank them enough for what knowledge they share with the drone racing community.  THANK YOU JB and Oscar !!!  If you have a chance, please support them both in whatever way you can.

Our focus tends to lean towards 5″ drones, but also have a love for other frames.  The 65mm Nano-class Whoops are one of Ren’s favorites as they provide a great learning tool for new pilots and are safer inside buildings and around fans. hopes to share what information we’ve learned and also act as an aggregate.

Feel free to contact us at

Thank you very much for visiting our recently created site and DRONE ON !!!